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Disc information
Title:Children choral music - Orereta abesbatza
Artist:Iluzio tanten dizdira
Gender:Children choral music
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izar ederra (Francisco Escudero)

Iluzio tanten dizdira
Children choral music - Orereta abesbatza

It has been 40 years since José Luis Ansorena founded the Orereta children´s choir as a place to prepare the future voices of the Andra Mari Choir of Errenteria. Special acknowledgement goes to the conductors, managers, singers and parents of young voices who have contributed to the success of the Orereta Choir. The pieces chosen for this CD have special significance, reflecting the work undertaken over the past years. We hope you enjoy the music that comes from the heart of all of members of the Orereta Choir.
Imanol Elizasu, conductor

1. Ave Maria, Giulio Caccini
2. Messe Brève, Leo Delibes (Kyrie)
3. Messe Brève, Leo Delibes (Gloria)
4. Messe Brève, Leo Delibes (Sanctus)
5. Messe Brève, Leo Delibes (O Salutaris)
6. Messe Brève, Leo Delibes (Agnus Dei)
7. Oh! Gau Santu, Adolph Adams
8. Gabaren erdian, Cipriano Larrañaga
9. Mariaren semea, caribean popular
10. Hator, hator, Luis Elizalde
11. Eperrak, popular
12. Pasayan xexenak, Tomás Garbizu
13. Izar ederra, Francisco Escudero
14. Ama begira zazu, Luis Elizalde
15. Uraren besotik, Eva Ugalde
16. Bi bihotz, Junkal Guerrero
17. Táncnotá, Zoltan Kodaly
18. Verano porteño, Astor Piazzola
19. Prueba de amor, popular
20. Zugana Manuela, Tomás Garbizu
21. Habaneras del Carnaval, David Azurza




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